After Hours

SeretisCare provides care for preventative and chronic problems as well as some minor acute ailments. As such, our patients are not expected to require urgent / emergent care or immediate contact with this practice after hours. We respect our patients’ privacy and time with their family and expect the same level of respect towards our staff. With that said, we completely understand issues arise after-hours and provide call for simple recommendations.

If you have an urgent or emergent medical issue before or after regular business hours, over the weekend or during a Holiday, you should do one of the following.

  • Call 911 if it’s an emergency & get to the nearest Hospital Emergency Department
  • Go to a local Urgent Care Center for non-emergent issues

We DO NOT call in any Antibiotics or Medications after hours since prescribing such treatment requires an evaluation and determination of your ailment with proper diagnosing and treatment(s). Our office has open availabilities for patients daily and we’ll be more than happy to see you in the office the next business day. With this in mind, if you think you need to be seen sooner than the next business, we would recommend you go to an Urgent Care facility.

If you are being seen and treated by a specialist and have an issue with a condition they are treating you for, please call the Specialists office for further help as we usually are not able to treat these issues and may require their attention. If any urgent changes are made by your specialist, including changing your medications it is your responsibility to contact us to inform us of these changes, additions or deletions made. These changes may be reported at your next office visit and do NOT require a call after-hours.

To get a hold of our on-call provider after-hours for simple supportive measures and answers to any of your medical questions:

  • You may call our answering service at 856-853-6611

Again, NO Antibiotics or medical treatments will be prescribed over-the-phone, after-hours without a face-to-face evaluation ensuring proper diagnosis and subsequent medical treatment. We hope you understand and are sympathetic to our cause, but we work hard to provide safe, up-to-date, quality medical care in the most proper ways of diagnosing and treating.

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Our Logan Township Clinic is located in the Health Center at Beckett -
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